After Sales Support

The documents, whether or not they are paper or digital, are required to provide services to your customers and employees and maintain your business.

Many companies are not aware of how much time and money spent to the document processes and printing devices. We may help you to gain control over your documents and provide savings in the process up to 30%. Our specialization may lend assistance to you, if you make cash saving, automate your document work flows or provide mobile printing.

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The original supplies of Epson, Xerox and EFI had been specially formulized and tested in order to provide the best imaging quality, better printer life, low maintenance cost and more printing for our products.

Lidya Group used and advised only the original supplies for the customers from its establishment until today.

Technical Service

Lidya Group has an organization structure, by which it provides technical support services with its own offices and authorized dealers in 81 cities throughout Turkey and TRNC. You may benefit from our support service options in the related locations by calling our support call center with regard to the institutions. We have been successfully providing the warranty and service supports in high quality standards with a success by means of being the key suppliers and also authorized service partner of Xerox, Epson and EFI.

Take advantage of our Technical Service Supports throughout Turkey
Lidya Group has been continuously providing the warranty and service supports of Xerox, Epson and EFI in Istanbul, Izmit, Izmir, Antalya and Konya by itself, and in other cities by its authorized dealers.
Managed Print Services may carry your printing infrastructure from “medium” to “extraordinary”.
Managed Print Services (MPS) means more than printers. The printers, printouts, supplies and support are related with everything with regard to the person and process intersecting usage type the documents and each of them. You may see and control your document processes and costs by means of MPS. Therefore, you save money, automate steps, increase productivity and develop document security and environmental sustainability. Do you see? Extraordinary.

How MPS Works?
We represent a three-stage approach, which had been proven to develop your printing processes:

1. Measurement and Optimization
Our specialists constitute a right reference line with respect to your present expenses by using the best materials and processes in its class in the first stage of our relationship with you as our customer. We develop a solution, which decrease your costs and supports your sustainability targets. We determine your document requirements from the holistic view by examining your office and production environment. Our awarded technologies procure the true information required for you to get into the act.

2. Security and Integration
Ensure that everything was connected to your information technology environment securely and conformably, after your printings was optimized. We open the printing solutions from the mobile devices and provide the printing row management. Our approach is integrated to your existing information technology environment and network with a minimum intervention.

3. Automatization and Simplification
In the third stage of new generation MPS, there is conveyance you to superior printing and document management ability (converting the paper based work flows to digital for more productivity and including development processes again). The processes make really attractive in this point, in which we denominate "Automatization and Simplification". We present the work flow automation as the services and technologies providing real business transportation beyond only scanning and digitalizing the paper documents.

MPS Solutions
  • Printing Services Complete View Pro Evaluation - the true saving analysis of the starts with the detailed information of your existing operating system environment. We lend assistance for you to present more effective services and identify the ways of decreasing your costs.
  • Content Management Services - you take, record, share and convert the paper based and electronic documents from the web, desktop applications, tablets, smart phones and multi-function printers.
  • Document Analytical Services – understand how, where and why the documents were used, and work more effectively with the work flow optimization and distributed access.
  • MFP Work Flow Application Personalization Service – create none existing work flows focused further in the software ready to use by utilizing Connect Key technology.
  • Mobile Print Solution – our mobile printing application sends the printing to the desired location securely by determining the printers found in the general printing network by means of using the GPS and maps.
  • Print Awareness Tool – it is a gamification approach in order to decrease the sustainability management and printing volumes.
  • Print Security Audit Service – the software scans your network and manages the software updates and ongoing reporting by examining your whole printer fleet.
  • Secure Print Manager Suite – add more security, inspection and reporting features without dividing your information technology infrastructure. It automates more economic and securely with the tools of printing based processes identity verification, roaming printing, reporting, rules motor and credit - reporting module.
  • Work Flow Evaluation Services - take the data oriented appearance of the document based work processes. This package associates the quantitative and qualitative accumulation of knowledge, registered tool and analyses with the work flow area specialization of Xerox. Therefore, it provides more effective, secure and optimized document processes.