Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy had been prepared for site, and provides a protection to the users only being in this domain. Lidya Group hereby accepts not any responsibility with reference to the sites other than this site and links opened depending on this site.

Please read this privacy policy. If you are of the opinion that the privacy policy is not sufficient and appropriate for you, do not use this site. Otherwise, using this site by you shall mean that you accepted this privacy policy thereto.

Non Personal-Qualified Information
The log files’ record is kept statistical-purposeful in, as being in many standard web servers. These files include the standard information such as your IP address, internet service provider, and features of your browser, operating system and input-output pages to the site. The log files are not absolutely used out of the statistical purposes and do not violate your privacy. Your IP address and other information are not associated to your personal information. The information such as site usage traffic, which does not include the personal information under no circumstance, is accepted by the site user that it will be able to given to the 3rd parties, controlled by those parties, announced them in the site when necessary and by means of other media in order to be obtained the statistical data developed the site service by being based on this data thereto. In some cases, this site may use “cookies” to provide certain information to you. A cookie is a small textual element that a web site sends to your browser. It is stored in your hard disk. A cookie usage is a standard application and many web sites use them. The cookies are not stores in our site, but in your computer. If you accept the cookies and know when they are received, you may configure your personal settings in accordance with them in your browser.

Although our site had taken all the standard security measures provided by the technology, we would like you to remind that it does not completely eliminate the possible security risk.

Other Service Providers
Lidya Group may collaborate with the third party and institutions on the purpose of being able to be provided of the certain services to you more efficiently. The user accepts beforehand that the information will be able to be provided to the aforesaid providers in order for the third parties to be provided this service to provide the aforesaid services, when the user registers to those services. The users, who do not accept this part of the privacy policy, may not apply for the aforesaid services. On the other hand, they should know that the information provided will not be used for another purpose rather than the services provided by the abovementioned providers and they are not authorized in this respect.

Lidya Group, without any action on the part of a warning, may amend this privacy policy or develop or prevent reaching to this site or contents of these pages. It is advised you to review this periodically Security Policy from the point of being informed from the amendments made.