Lidya Grup continues to promote technologies in digital printing machines

Lidya Grup continues to promote technologies in digital printing machines

Lidya Grup, the leader of the digital printing industry, continues to promote the latest technologies in digital printing machines at Lidya Grup Digital Experience and Training Center. Representing Xerox, Epson, EFI, Kongsberg global brands and its own brand Sutec, the Lidya Grup is the leader in Turkey with its brands, know-how, experience, organizational structure and financial strength and one of the few companies in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.

A promotional organization for Kongsberg and Sutec digital printing machines was held on Tuesday, March 21 at Lidya Grup Digital Experience and Training Center in Basaksehir. In addition to Istanbul, customers from various cities such as Izmit, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya showed great interest and participation in the organization. Lidya Grup, which provides direct sales and service to 23 provinces in our country, continues to work with 22 dealers in all regions other than 23 provinces.

It will introduce machines of different technologies throughout the year

Noting that machines of different technologies will be promoted at the Digital Experience and Training Center throughout the year, Lidya Grup Sales Director Adem Oz said:

“At our Digital Experience and Training Center, we showcase all technologies and different equipment related to digital printing. We will present the applications of Xerox, Epson, Efi, Kongsberg and Sutec brands in different technologies to our customers at our unique center, at various events throughout the year, and we will explain the latest developments in technology. In our organization in March, we provided detailed information to our customers who want to elaborate on the Sutec and Kongsberg brands. In previous years, it was possible to see the new technologies in the digital printing industry and to experience the capabilities of the machines at fairs and international events, but thanks to our center in Basaksehir, it has become possible to see and demo the technologies of the machines throughout the year. Today, with the advancement of technology, new features are constantly being added to the machines. Here, customers want to master the competencies of the machines, and now most of the work is done in an easier and simpler way thanks to technology. Briefly, our aim here is to our customers with the organizations we will organize; to fully explain the models we introduce, to show the benefit and added value it provides, and to talk about its technology. Thanks to our center, those who will invest in machinery, instead of seeing the digital printing machines and the outputs of the machine from the catalogues, have started to make sound investment decisions by seeing them closely, at the events we organize and whenever they want, by getting their physical results, by trying and testing different applications.”

Lidya Grup gives importance to events and workshops

Lidya Grup Wide Format and Dealers Manager Mehmet Doner, who stated that they aimed to organize events when they were planning the Digital Experience and Training Center, said the following:

“Today, digital prints are made on different materials and thicknesses, such as leather, stone, ceramic, wood, metal, packaging, wallpaper, metal, apart from traditional media materials. The Xerox, Epson, Efi, Kongsberg and Sutec brands we represent have different technologies and appeal to different media and different areas. When we first planned our Digital Experience and Training Center, we had the idea of organizing events here. We have organized various organizations so far and we are planning to organize events for the brands we represent almost every two or three months in the coming period. The purpose of these events is to come together with our customers to create shared time together and of course to introduce our technologies. At the event we held in March, we talked about the technologies of Kogsberg and Sutec brands. Of course, it was important to introduce all the products and technologies we represent to our guests and to draw future projections. This type of mutual interaction also provides an exchange of information for both parties. While we inform our customers about new projects, new technologies and cost advantages; Our customers get information about technical details and technology. Therefore, we attach great importance to events and workshops.”

Lidya Grup makes special demos for customers

Underlining that the Digital Experience and Training Center is very valuable in terms of what it brings to the industry, Lidya Grup Marketing and Brand Manager Şule Şekeroğlu said:

“It is very important for customers to experience the product before they buy it. Therefore, when companies want to see different types according to their needs and test them with their own product prints according to their business plans, when they want to buy a digital printer and digital cutter, they either go to fairs or watch their videos. This process has changed with our Digital Experience and Training Center and they have the opportunity to test the technologies and competencies of the machines whenever they want in Istanbul. At our location in Basaksehir, with the difference in Sales and Service quality of Lidya Grup, they get the opportunity to experience the developments in technology while finding answers to every question they want. When a customer wants to buy or try a digital printing machine or digital printing cutter, we can make an appointment with our sales representative, learn all the technology related to the machine one-on-one, see the outputs closely, and make a special demo for our customer. Because customers want to know the answers to questions about a new digital printing machine they will buy, which model will meet their needs, which innovations will enable them, and what added value they will provide to their business, and they get clear answers to these questions at our center. As the name suggests, our center; It is the Digital Experience and Training Center and we will continue to provide the best customer experience in the digital printing industry.”