Financial Solutions

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Procurement of the multi functional photocopy and printing machines may not be come true most of the time due to lack of liquidity. We have taken the capital problem in front of using the today's technology as a goal to deal with the financing solutions that we allow to the companies.

The financial leasing may be preferred as the long-term and installment of low amount. Lidya Group performs its leasing activities by not depending upon the banks and therefore, you do not get lost within the procedures. We provide you to save money from your printing expenses by determining the device portfolio being in accordance with you and your business.

When the economic life of the devices you own expire, selling-off them and selling them by worth is a difficult period. When you rent your devices, it gets-out being an economic burden for you. You give back your old photocopy machine back and take delivery of new ones at the end of the leasing period thereto.

As the customer satisfaction is our first priority, we continuously provide you innovations. We contact with you in order to plan our next relationship with you before the leasing period expires. Therefore, we provide your business to continue without interruption.